What is the program?

The program is designed to detoxify your body first; then gently ease you back into a regular eating plan whilst setting up your macro and micro nutrition right to get your body firing efficiently on a cellular level. We do this with 3 simple meal plans that support your body through all three phases of detoxification.

What food will I be eating?

The meal plans are completely gluten free, mostly dairy free (and can easily be made dairy free) and sugar free. The meals and recipes are whole food – lots of lean proteins, healthy fats and plenty of veggies and some fruit. There are smoothies and some juices (vegetable based) used throughout, and the Complete Shakes also featured through the second and third phase to ensure you are hitting the right macro and micro nutrient, for convenience and because they taste yummy!

It’s simple, healthy, nourishing meals that are easy to cook up and we are always getting great feedback about how much everyone loves the delicious recipes! Plus, we often hear that the family members of those doing the DCN program end up eating the meals too and loving them.

Will I be hungry?

You should feel satisfied and not massively hungry. If you find you are constantly hungry, the plan is flexible enough to just increase your portions a bit more. If you’re still unsure, you can always ask in our Facebook support group.

Why are exact portion sizes not specified?

There are NOT really specific portion sizes for everything for a reason. Every one of you is a different height, weight, doing different training etc … but to help you out if you’re unsure of a good portion size, as a general guideline, you can start with:

  • Palm sized portions for protein (raw);
  • 1-2 cups veggies (you can always add an extra cup of greens if you are hungry);
  • Nuts as specified is a SMALL handful, so about 10-15 depending on the nut size;
  • Oils for dressings 1-2 tsp;
  • Serving size of the Complete Shake is 1 x sachet mixed with water.
  • and fruit, eggs etc are specified in the meal plan.

From there, we are all about teaching you to listen to your body and learn how to fuel and nourish yourself correctly – whether that be for fat loss, muscle gain or simply maintaining your energy and health.

Can I modify the meal plan?

PLEASE stick to the plan as best you can! Don’t add foods in that are not there. Simply put, if it’s not on the meal plan, don’t eat it. The plan is designed specifically to take your body through all stages of the detoxification process correctly.

If you want to simplify the meals, you can do things like swapping similar protein sources and fat sources so you can cook a few meals in bulk e.g. use any white fish you like, chicken and turkey are interchangeable, all red meats are interchangable. Just be aware of getting enough variety in still so you’re covering a broad range of nutrients.

Remember the 100% commitment is all we ask, that doesn’t mean you’ll be 100% perfect, but you must try. If in doubt, just ask in the Facebook support group.

I'm training hard, can I add in more carbs?

If you are doing intense training i.e. heavy weights session, running events etc… you can add in about 1/2 cup (cooked) of sweet potato, GF oats, brown rice, or quinoa pre and/or post workout after the first five days of the program. Otherwise, your carbs are coming from the fruit, veggies + coconut water.

During the initial phase, you should expect your body to be focused on the detoxification process, so don’t expect too much of it when training. If you’re still not sure, members can ask in the Facebook support group.

Can I have coffee or alcohol at all?

Short answer: No and definitely NO.

Long answer: Coffee is cut out for the duration of the program due to the caffeine content and also the acidity. Both inhibit the detoxification process, as well as nutrient absorption and your gut health and digesting system, so it’s super important to not have them during the detox. That includes decaf coffee, instant coffee and even black tea. Herbal and green teas are specified throughout the program.

We keep coffee eliminated for the full 24 days as it allows your body enough time to break any caffeine addictions, alkalise and also properly absorb all the nutrients from the food. After that, coffee in moderation is fine! Organic is best if you can as it’s a heavily pesticide sprayed crop.

Alcohol also inhibits the detoxification process, slows down your metabolism and basically will counteract the entire program. So please leave out your glass of vino for now!

How is the program different to other detoxes?

The program is based on whole foods, not your typical juice fasts or completely raw food diets. We’ve taken the best of both worlds! We use our unique veggie based smoothie (and some juices) incorporated into a whole food detox and meal plan, so you won’t go hungry and it won’t slow down your metabolism by only drinking liquids.

Most detox programs don’t take the body through the correct detoxification process, often ignoring the final phases, leaving your body in a more toxic state that you before you started. By including the correct amino acid support at the right timing throughout the program, the Complete Detox Cleanse Nourish program ensures your body can complete the entire detoxification process.

The program is also designed to give you lots of new recipes, meal ideas and generally teach you how to eat correctly for your body and for optimal health. It doesn’t over complicate it, because eating isn’t complicated. We show you how to just eat real food again, enjoy it and get the results you want. The initial detoxification phase is only three days out of the whole program, we spend the rest of the time eating lots of yummy, whole food meals!

We didn’t name just include the word “Complete” in the name of the program for the Complete Shakes, it’s because we take a complete, holistic approach to helping you change your nutrition for the better.

Is the program suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women?

The short answer is no. Pregnant or breast-feeding mothers should never put their body through a detox – toxins can be passed on to the baby in the womb or via breast milk. Mothers require different nutrition for the obvious reasons of having to feed another small mouth.

What we can recommend is pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers, take the 14 Day Nourish meal plan to their doctor and have them ok that. They may need to add in some additional starchy carbohydrates such as quinoa, sweet potato, pumpkin, rice, oats etc… in order to meet their specific nutritional requirements.

The Complete shakes and smoothie recipes in the book can also be used with no issues and in fact, are fantastic due to their high nutrient content and being so easy to grab (perfect for busy mums on the go!). An additional sachet of Complete is another easy way for mums to increase their carb intake too. Once a mum is no longer breast-feeding, they can of course go back and do the program from the initial 3 Day Detox too.

Why do people lose varying amounts of scale weight during the detox?

The initial 3 Day Detox is designed primarily to take the body through the phase 1 of the detoxification process. During this process, the body rids itself of toxins and a part of that can mean a reduction in scale weight due to dropping water weight from the body as well. As the calories during the first phase are also lower than usual, a kick start on body fat reduction / weight loss can also occur.

However, generally speaking the few kilograms that change on the scales, are mostly due to water weight and also reducing bloating and clean out the digestive tract in general. Kilograms lost will also depend on a person’s starting weight – a person who weighs 90kg will likely have a higher kg drop than a person who weighs 55kg; but percentage wise, it will likely be the same amount as the 55kg person.

Most importantly, remember that the program’s goal is not primarily fat loss – that’s an added bonus that we discovered the majority of people benefit from. What the detoxification does do is allow your body to stop holding on fiercly to that stubborn fat, and facilitates ongoing fat loss. Any weight lost during the first three days is mostly water weight – the REAL, long term fat loss comes from days 3 – 24 and continuing with the meal plan, or a modified version of it. It’s the LONG TERM results are what we aim for, so no one should worry if they don’t see short-term results.

Doesn't our body detox by itself naturally?

That’s correct, our livers detox every single day. However, we are exposed to a lot of environmental toxins, food toxins (sugar, processed foods, chemicals etc) plus things like BPAs in plastic, all the chemicals a lot of people smear onto their body (ladies, I’m talking your skin “care” regime and make up!) etc….

So we need to help out the liver sometimes by eliminating toxin sources and increasing the support nutrients. PLUS it’s fairly common for people to have a sluggish phase 2 of the detoxification OR they are not supporting phase 2 with the right nutrition (amino acids and antioxidants).

Yes, we detox everyday, but that doesn’t mean our liver is doing the best job it can if we are overloading it with excess toxins.

In the program, we are especially referring to “detoxing” from foods that can be inflammatory (gluten/dairy) or addictive (caffeine/sugar) i.e. removing them from the diet and loading in more whole foods to boost our health.

In the simplest sense of the word, detox actually means “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances”.

What do I do post-program? Can I do the program more than once?

The 14 Day Nourish phase of the program is designed to set you up with the knowledge, recipes and meal ideas so that you continue on with this style of eating as a lifestyle. It’s all about setting you up for long term success and healthy eating habits that don’t feel restrictive or boring.

Of course, sometimes life gets busy or social fun means your diet might get a little off track – so if you feel the need, you can do the full 24 day program again every 3-4 months. There is no need to extend the 3 Day Detox phase, nor repeat the program more than 4 times a year.

Can I adapt the program or swap foods around?

Yes of course! The program is designed with a variety of recipes and ingredients around a structure meal plan, to ensure you get lots of different nutrients and minerals. However, there is flexibility in swapping similar foods or even an entire meal. For example, you may prefer chicken over turkey, or you may find it easier to choose one lunch recipe and make that for three days in a row.

We suggest you only swap foods / meals from within the same phase of the program, and try you best to keep as much variety as you can.

Why do I need to order a minimum 4 month supply of products?

The 24 day program is a kick start for your healthier eating habits. We want you to have long term results though, so the whole-food capsules (and shakes) ship in a 4 month supply for a few reasons:

  1. It’s more convenient. The majority of our clients love the products so much, they stay on them for life! So it’s much easier when you don’t have to worry about re-ordering all the time. Plus, you’ll save on shipping costs.
  2. Since the program is designed to set you up for a healthy lifestyle way of eating, we don’t want you to do the 24 days and then just end up eating like you did previously. We want you to maintain your results and continue to nourish your body for life! We find that our clients do this best when they continue to take the whole-food capsules – it’s a simple way to ensure you’re consistently flooding your body with a wide variety of antioxidants. After all, we have to eat fresh fruit and veggies every single day … we can’t just eat heaps on Monday and then none for the rest of the week!
  3. The most important reason though is because your red blood cells have a lifespan of 120 days. Why does this matter? Every day millions of cells are dying and being regenerated with new cells made from the nutrition you take in. It’s vital to get the right amount of micronutrients from fruits, vegetables and berries daily to allow your cells to be created at their optimal level.

It takes 4 months for your red blood cell supply to be completely regenerated. At this time the oxygen delivery to the mitochondria is far more efficient, and in greater amount. As a direct result your energy level is noticeably improved. As soon as you stop taking the whole-food capsules, your red blood cell health starts to decline as we need to continually provide that nutrition every single day.

Can I just do the 24 day program without the products?

The program is designed with a holistic approach to create healthy eating habits and also support your cellular health. We spent 12 months testing the program before launching it, with groups of people. We consistently found the best results were with our clients that took the products and followed the program.
Therefore, we only provide the program to clients that are willing to take a holistic approach to their results.

What support and motivation will I have?

All our clients have a personal DCN Coach who will process your order and provide the DCN eBook to you.

You will also be added to our private client support group on Facebook, where we have a number of other DCN Coaches around the world that are available to answer any questions you have. You can share your journey in there and also get motivation and inspiration from other clients doing the program!

Plus, our co-founders of the program Zoe Tattersall and John Pilato are also in the group and will be there to answer any questions or provide support if other coaches are not available.

Got another question? Contact us.


Learn how to nourish your body with a lifestyle based program. Delicious, whole-food recipes included!