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Are you sick of wondering what to eat? What NOT to eat? There is so much conflicting information out there, it’s impossible to decide what path to take.

When did it all become so confusing and HARD?!

That’s why we created The Complete Detox Cleanse Nourish meal plan program, because we wanted to show people that eating a healthy diet doesn’t have to complicated, boring or bland.

Watch this recorded webinar to find out how to eat more real food with co-founder of The Complete Detox Cleanse Nourish program and healthy food blogger, Zoe Tattersall.

Webinar – How to Eat More Real Food

1:49 – Zoe’s personal health journey.

6:40 – Is food your friend or foe? What’s causing all our health issues?

9:25 – Gut health and the “gut-brain axis”.

14:52 – Oxidative stress and how it affects your body.

16:15 – How to reduce oxidative stress.

18:26 – The role of fruits and veggies.

20:08 – We’re not eating enough fruit and veggies, and why we need more!

22:37 – Macro vs Micro nutrients … why the diet industry has it wrong.

26:46 – The problem with most multivitamins.

29:04 – The dark side of the diet industry.

29:44 – The shake diet cycle.

31:58 – What to look for in a protein shake product.

33:53 – How Meal Prep can help you get healthier.

35:52 – Steps for easy Meal Prep.

41:03 – Eat Less C.R.A.P & Eat More F.O.O.D

41:52 – How to eat more real food & about the DCN program.

43:04 – The program creators.

41:17 – How we’re unique: 3 Day Detox, 7 Day Cleanse & 14 Day Nourish.

47:50 – What you can achieve with the program.

51:28 – Before and after photos and our clients’ results.

53:15 – What you get with the DCN program.

55:24 – Program options.

56:51 – About the products.

58:40 – Clinical research on the products.

59:43 – Kids eat free.

1:00:17 – Do your research.

1:01:24 – How to get started!